Tuesday, December 17, 2013


One of the great things about the holidays is anticipation for what's to come, especially for foods that seem to only make their appearance at this time of year. From fruitcake (yes I'm the one) to red velvet chocolate milk to peppermint bark to yule logs and so on. Added to the canon this year was the appearance of egg nog pie from Flour + Co. I'm sure this has been around awhile but I probably just missed it amidst all the regular holiday folderol. But like egg nog and other festive treats I somehow found my way to it. I've been to Flour + Co. before and explored a selection of their treats and particularly enjoyed the peanut butter chocolate cake so I had high hopes for another of their dessert concoctions.


Hmmm....okay I'll start with the good and that was the filling. It was spot on egg nog--all nutmeg, clove and cinnamon in a light creamy, yet solid, custard. Though sadly, that's where it ended for me. The crust on this was a total breakdown. The outer part had some flakiness to it but once you bit into it, it was chewy and flavorless. The curled part on the end was too dense and looked and tasted doughy and uncooked in the middle. I thought crust was supposed to be light and buttery tasting but this had no taste all. Flat, dense, chewy and disappointing. Maybe they need to give 3 Babes a call. 

The other problem I had is probably more of personal thing, but the size of the slice was quite small, like fit in the palm of my hand small. The fork was longer than the slice. At $4 a pop, I've had empanadas bigger than this. Even that slice of bread from The Mill, which is roughly the same price, is bigger than this piece. It's a three bite taste of pie. Again it's just a personal gripe and you may feel different and like petite bites, thus I'm not couching this as a criticism so much as a personal opinion. But still, there is that crust, and there was no getting around the problems with it. 

While I won't be seeking out this particular pie anymore, I'm not dissuaded from going back to Flour + Co., they do have good things (remember that cake!), but skip the pie. There are plenty of other delicious holiday treats out there to blow your calories on this holiday season like real egg nog--with brandy! 
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