Thursday, August 22, 2013


It's SOMA StreatFood Park time kids! I'm running errands in that part of town and, well, of course I'm going to stop by and see which trucks are hanging out. As I walk through the gates there are about 10 trucks squeezed into the space and several I've not seen or tried before. Having had an early morning gym workout I find myself really hungry and think I'll splurge on some carb things. After making the once around I decide to hit up the Brass Knuckle food truck.

It's a burger and sandwiches kind of truck but they all have rock names like the Meatallica, the Po-lice, a Snoop Dog and GWAR fries. If you don't know who GWAR is click the link, if you do know who they are, then click the link anyway---they are an "experience" to say the least. I decided to go with the fryin' maiden. (that's a riff on Iron Maiden for those not into metal)

It is a fried chicken sandwich with apple cole slaw and aioli on a soft bun served with a side of fries. I liked the idea of this sandwich and the execution ended up being pretty good too. The chicken was fried crisp with some spice in the batter, but more of a hint for flavor as opposed to a flavor killer. My one knock might be the chicken was deep fried about 30 seconds too long. While most of it was tender, some parts around the edges were a bit over done. The slaw was a nice mix of cabbage, green peppers, mayo and green apple with gave it a tangy sweet flavor I enjoyed to offset the spice in the batter. There was also an aioli that tasted a lot like special sauce/thousand island to me and you might think it would have been too much with the mayo in the slaw but it's such a large piece and the bun is so thick and soft it seems to work perfectly. And yes, the hoagie roll was lightly toasted, warm and soft which was a plus in helping to two hand eat this big sandwich. I don't like when bread is too hard causing the insides to squish out, bread should encompass the filling so it all mixes together and here it worked out just right. Plus, as a bonus, the sandwiches and burgers come with thin cut fries all for $10, which in grand scheme of food trucks and other over priced sandwich places in this town was a pretty good deal. All around I really enjoyed my rock-n-roll sandwich.  

WOO HOO!! YEAH!! ROCK ON!!....and give them a try. 

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