Monday, April 16, 2012


There's a cute little place around the corner from where I work called The Grove.  They don't have a website but here's link to their menu.  It's one of four locations around the city and each gives off the same kind of woodsy, cabin, lodge feel which I actually kind of like.  They are comfy, homey places to eat and hang out with just a glass of tea and a cookie (which is really huge).  But I really like going here for the pot pie. 

It's huge for one thing and as you can see it's completely covered in a buttery, flaky, rosemary oregano crust that even by itself would be a tasty treat.  

Once you pop it open it is filled with hearty chunks of carrots, peas, potatoes and fresh shredded roasted chicken in a creamy white broth.  Mixed with the crust it's like a homemade taste of well home. Its flavor and smell just bring back all those memories of those tacky yet tasty frozen pies from childhood in their little aluminum containers.  But trust me this is way better than that and worth finding one of The Grove's locations to try out.  They used to come with a small side salad which I was told they discontinued which is too bad but it still won't stop me from getting this delectable treat.  

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